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They ____ to this school everyday. *

You ____ see him tonight. *

You must pay ____ you begin. *

 My teacher is the ____ *

 The windows ____ by the boy. *

What does "It's raining cats and dogs!" mean?

 I asked him if he ____ a good day. *

My brother has been in hospital. I wonder how he ____. *

 ____ he has finished his work he can go home. *

He ____ us that he had been to Paris. *

Do you know if the train ____? *

The station is too far away ____ to. *

If you ____ the box, you will find a present. *

If you were to drop it, it ____. *

I come from London town, I'm just an ______ guy.

Listen to the song and fill the gap with the right word.

Didn't you ____ play tennis? *

By five o'clock he ____ Manchester. *

These machines ____. *

Whenever there was a visitor, the dog ____ to the door. *

What does “Feel under the weather” mean?

He asked her whether ____ London. *

He is an engineer in ____ *

I am going to a wedding. I need to ____. *

The student could not answer the question, so he ____. *

The man said he did not ____ to walk. *

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